Shenglin Xian Spoke at the Grand Opening of Wealth One Bank of Canada
Publish Date: 
Sat, 2016-09-10 23:40


Shenglin Xian Spoke at the Grand Opening of Wealth One Bank of Canada

On September 9th, for the first time in Canadian history, a federal chartered Schedule I bank, which was founded by a group of Chinese immigrants, has been officially launched. Approximately 800 Canadian and Chinese government officials, financial industry veterans, successful business owners and professionals, community leaders and potential Chinese Canadian customers of the bank participated in this historic moment. 


Mr. Shenglin Xian, Founder and Vice Chair of Wealth One Bank of Canada, also President & CEO of Shenglin Financial Group, stepped up to the podium to share his story of founding the Wealth One Bank. Historically, Chinese open restaurants and Wall Streeters open banks. Everybody knows it is extremely difficult to open a bank. 26 years in Canada, I have been serving the community as an insurance professional. I feel as if I am walking with only one ‘leg’, without banking as another ‘leg’. With support of many Canadian Chinese visionaries, I started a dream – building up a bank! Since then, after five years of hard work, countless sleepless nights and abundant support from consulting teams and banking experts, this dream has grown bigger and finally become a reality today. I am very grateful for the faith they have in me to accomplish this financial full house! This dream is not only for Chinese to change their social image, but also for every Canadian across the country. Thank you all very much for your support!


Chinese government officials and three levels of Canadian government representatives have come to stage to speak for this groundbreaking milestone in the Canadian financial service industry. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has sent in personal congratulation letter.

As the founder of Wealth One Bank, Mr. Xian encourages the whole team to focus serving Canadian Chinese community with integrity, passion, dedication, and to help them realize their financial dreams.