[News] Shenglin financial Group Inc. title sponsors The Chinese National Culture Heritage Grand Meeting in 2017
Publish Date: 
Fri, 2017-11-03 18:03

The Chinese National Culture Heritage Grand Meeting was held at the banquet hall of the Richmond Palace from November 3rd to 4th, 2017. National culture is a solid core of national cohesion and a powerful bond for uniting overseas Chinese. The profoundness of the National Studies Five Elements and its guiding significance to life, family, career, society and economy, have led countless Chinese people to their successes. Nowadays, when Chinese culture is popular all over the world, Shenglin Financial Group has become the title sponsorship for the Chinese National Culture Heritage Grand Meeting with the consistent aim of giving back to the community.

This event has been adhering to the wisdom of the five thousand years of the middle and upper reaches, bringing a two-day national academic event to Chinese overseas Chinese living in North America. In this activity, three famous teachers integrated the wisdom of ancestors for five thousand years into the guidance of personal growth, parent-child relationship and career development.



As the title sponsor of this event, Mr. Xian Shenglin, president and CEO of Shenglin Financial Group, shared his 27 years of experience in financial management - how to make overseas Chinese families more integrated in asset allocation In the mainstream society, how to help Chinese people to settle down on the New World, and how to make a healthy family wealth management.